Good night, sleep thight!

Bingo! It means you're welcome! ^^ I want to visit Hungary once in my life because I like travelling! I don't know if it are the right words but: Tetszik a blog szórakozás! I really do ^^

Almost right, but I understad it. :D WELCOME here, when you’ll come!

Yeah you did well! The word order is slightly off but I understood it clearly! hihih Graag gedaan hoor! (go look it up ^^ ) The same continent? where are you from? ~ ahh curious!

Pheeew! I’m relieved. :) Cuz I don’t want to offend anyone, but I try to do this as a little game. :) I’m hungarian from Hungary :) 

(AH, you mean “Your welcome!”, don’t you? :))

Finnish ELF :)

:) Thankyu for your message, hello there!

Hauskaa iltaa!


Polish E.L.F here~~

Hi, thankyu for your message! :)

Piękny wieczór!


Nepali living in America ELF here :3

HAY bunneh! Thankyu for your answering! :)

भीं सुथ 

bhīṁ sutha

(I’m so happy, I’ve found a hungarian-nepali online translator, and this means “Good morning”! , but that’s somehow okay, maybe where you live isn’t even noon. :))

Hi from a British E.L.F :3

— the-whole-me

Thankyu for your letter!
(Coz your language is english I can’t send you another greeting,
so I just tell you my daughters are doing their english homework right now,
and they say a “Good evening!” to you! :))

Austrian ELF here :3


Thanyku for your answer!

Schöner Abend!

ELF from Switzerland here!! :^)

Oh, hi! A “homie” again. :) Thankyu for answering! 

Ich danke Ihnen für das Schreiben!


Je vous remercie de l’inscription !


(Sorry, I haven’t found rhaeto-romance in the translator. :))

Dutch ELF here! ^^

Hi! :) Thankyu for answering! At least we are in the same continent, kkk :)

Hallo! Ik dank u voor geschreven te hebben!

(I hope it makes sense, I did it with a translator. :))

Where are you ELF?

Where are you from?

What are you doing?